Auerswald Präzisionstechnik GmbH in Osterburken

KST - Self-tensioning drum contact system


The self-tensioning contact system from Auerswald consists of a base plate, two copper bending components and two sliding carriages.


The standard 500 to 6,000 amp versions are available within 14 business days. Special designs are available on request.


Long service life

Hardly any wearing parts are used in the construction of the contact system making it extremely durable and easy to maintain.

Easy access

All parts can be detached and adjusted at any time thanks to the design of the built-in contact system.

On the safe side

The VA protection ensures that the sliding carriage operates efficiently and prevents the base plate from bending.

Guaranteed safety

We provide a 3-year warranty on perfect functionality when used as intended.

Robust and durable

Due to its design, the contact system is ideally suited for use with bath movement.

The perfect supplement

Extremely stable PE plastic guides, stainless steel covers and product carriers are available to match the contact system.