Auerswald Präzisionstechnik GmbH in Osterburken

KSPS - Self-controlling pneumatic contact system


When the product carrier is inserted into the contact system, the pneumatic system receives the manual or electrical (24V) signal for the product carrier and the contact system to clamp and the current is transmitted.

The four stainless steel plates ensure trouble-free product carrier supply into the contact system and simultaneously protect the pneumatics from mechanical external impact and acid.

The PE adjustment substructure under the base plate is attached to the edge of the tray and optimally compensates for any parallel fluctuations on the product carrier.

This ensures constant current transmission at all times. In contrast to competitor products, water cooling or extensive cleaning is unnecessary, even at high amperage levels.

What does self-controlling mean?

The Auerswald pneumatic contact system does not require any electronic control. This eliminates the cost and effort of wiring and adapting the software to your electroplating system.

Sensible design

The current-carrying and pneumatic copper plates are bent components instead of cast components. This means that the material does not shrink which in turn ensures better conductivity.

Furthermore, bent components are much easier to modify for custom special designs than cast components.

Universal applicability

The contact systems can be installed in all electroplating systems.

Existing systems are easily convertible. Naturally, the system can be used for any type of product carrier.

Long service life

Thanks to the elimination of electronic control and the simple design of the mechanics, the contact systems are unrivalled in terms of durability and ease of maintenance. The robust design requires almost no wearing parts.

The customizable power spectrum

The contact system is available with straight and angled terminal lugs in amperages of 3,000-12,000 amps as standard. Higher amperage and special designs are available on request.

Guaranteed safety

Two-year warranty ensuring faultless operation when used as intended.

The perfect supplement

Extremely stable PE plastic guides, stainless steel covers and product carriers are available to match the contact system.

Quality made to measure

We can also supply customised products on request, tailored to your very own individual definitions and requirements. Contact us today!